External Learning Reimbursed by York

CPM External Development Fund

The CPM External Development Fund is a valuable source for eligible CPMs to receive partial financial assistance to aid in their pursuit of external development. This development may include training courses, conferences, workshops or other skills development training directly related to the CPM employee’s current job or directly related to his/her potential career path at the University. This fund is administered through the department of Talent Acquisition & Development, Human Resources.

Please note that funds are limited and are available on a first come, first served basis.


CPM employees of the University with full-time or part-time continuing administrative staff positions are eligible to apply. Contract or limited term CPM employees are ineligible to apply for this fund.

Application Process

Prior to applying, all CPMs are encouraged to login to the University’s Employee Intranet yu link for program overview including requirements and eligibility criteria.

Step 1: Complete the CPM External Development Fund Application for Financial Support Form (PDF) and attach copies of the course outline(s), fees information and other pertinent information. Attach a copy of the Career Development section of your PMP.

Step 2: Have a conversation with your Manager. While approved courses/activities are reimbursed post-event, it's good to confirm up front that your Manager approves the proposed use.

Step 3: Submit the fund paperwork with all documentation available including registration (if available) for the professional activity to Talent Acquisition & Development. This will allow time to ensure funds are available.

Step 4: Participate in the activity.

Step 5: After the event/activity, complete and submit a Claim for Reimbursement using the University's online expense solution (learn more).

Step 6: Obtain signed approval from your respective VP, department head, director or manager. If using the online solution, this will be automatically routed to your approver.

Step 7: Send all documentation to Talent Acquisition & Development, 284 York Lanes, 80 York Boulevard. If using the online solution, documentation will be automatically routed to Human Resources.

For guidance on whether an event or course might be eligible for funding or for help completing the application form, contact the Coordinator, Talent Development in Talent Acquisition & Development or email hrlearn@yorku.ca.