Member Relations and Programming Committee

Terms of Reference

The Committee shall be responsible for:

  • Plan and organize professional development and networking events for the CPMEA membership (3-5 annually);
  • Contact individuals newly appointed to University designated CPM positions to provide information on the CPMEA and assist with their orientation to the University
  • Provide logistical planning and execution of the Annual General Meeting and Annual Membership Breakfast
  • Be chaired by the Executive Coordinator
  • Support the Executive in the development and dissemination of membership surveys
  • Manage the content for the ‘Information for new CPMs’ section of the CPMEA website;
  • Represent the Member Relations & Programming Committee at new staff orientation sessions;
  • Support the initiatives of the Employment Policy Advisory Committee as required;
  • Time commitment: 1 hour per month in monthly committee meetings

Committee Composition

The committee is composed of 8 members for 2-year terms, alternating.

Membership Relations and Programming Committee elected members: