Goals & Outcomes

CPMEA Executive Goals for 2016

CPM Wellness Initiative

In partnership with Sport & Recreation the Executive hopes to:
1) Explore the possibility of a satellite gym or fitness facility at the east end of campus
2) Explore the possibility of free fitness classes for CPMs

Support the seamless addition of CPMs to the CPM listserv

1) Review current workflow process to improve efficiencies and possibly move to automation
2) Leverage new CPM list received monthly from UIT to update

Goals for the CPMEA Committees for 2016

Member Relations & Program Committee

During the 2016/2017 fiscal year this committee hopes to:
1) Execute 3 Lunch & Learns
2) Hold the Annual Membership Breakfast
3) Organize the Annual General Meeting
4) Create and manage an online Orientation Calendar to ensure new CPMs are welcomed to York by a member of the committee

Employment Policy Advisory Committee

1) Explore the development of a process for Flextime hours for CPM staff
2) Explore the development of a dispute resolution process for CPM staff
3) Review and provide feedback for the job evaluation process for CPM staff
4) Review and provide feedback for the PMP process for CPM staff